The Zeff Food Truck Guide 2019

Meals on wheels.

Food trucks have come a long way in the past few years.  They’re now a passport to some incredible food from around the world, and often all for the price of a Happy Meal- and Canada has some of the best there are.

We’ve chosen five van-tastic choices, from Vancouver to Halifax.  Or at least that’s where they were when we left them…

Me.n.u, Toronto

The people at Me.n.u say they’re “Toronto’s best Asian Fusion-focused food truck”.  And when they say fusion, they mean it.  From Roti Tacos with Peking Duck or Hawaiian Steak to Kimchi Pulled Pork Poutine, this is true East meets West eating.  Shame about the pun…

Cheezy Bizness, Medicine Hat, AB

What’s the only thing better than cheese?  Grilled cheese.  At Cheezy Bizness they know this, which is why there’s little they won’t put between two slices of bread with some hot cheese.  There’s menu regulars like the basil, mozzarella and tomato-filled ‘Veg Head’, and specials like ‘Kimchikaze’ (kimchi, sriracha mayo and gruyere), all made with local meats and eggs and pesticide-free veggies.

Perogy Boyz, Calgary

Perogy Boyz have been serving Calgarians ‘The People’s Perogies’ since 2011.  Just take your base of eight fat potato and cheese perogies and then load them with your favourite topping.  Our choice?  The All Day Breakfast – perogies, two eggs, smoked bacon, maple syrup and berries.  After that, we might never need to eat again.

Gecko Bus, Halifax

Be honest, an old school bus pimped to look like a giant gecko is not something you see every day. While it might not (by the owner’s own admission) be authentic Mexican cooking they’re serving up, with burritos filled with fusion ingredients like pulled pork, Bombay vegan curry and sriracha sour cream, who are we to argue?

Japadog, Vancouver

Technically, not a truck (although they have one of those too), the original Japadog on Burrard and Smith St in Vancouver is actually an old-style hotdog stand.  But the dogs they serve are anything but traditional.  Their specialty is the “Terimayo” – a frank topped, as you’d probably guess, with teriyaki sauce, mayo and seaweed.  And if you thought you couldn’t top a hotdog with rice or noodles, think again…  

Keep on Truckin’