Your Dad’s Favourite Band Is Still Going Strong

And they’re definitely worth checking out.

Who hasn’t been told by their parents that music was better in their day? 

They’re lying.  A lot of it was dreadful. 

But there were a lot of great artists, and some are still going strong.  You might have seen that the Rolling Stones just played to a 70,000 crowd in Oro-Medonte, but they’re not the only music hall-of-famers coming to Canada this year.

Here’s who we’ll be watching (don’t judge us).

Elton John

Watching Rocketman reminded us just how great Elton is (even when he’s not giving Vladimir Putin lessons in tolerance).  We challenge you to listen to Tiny Dancer and not be singing along by the end.  He’s also being good to Canada this year, playing a dozen dates in five locations between September and October.

Paul McCartney

By the time you read this, you might just have missed Sir Paul’s Vancouver show.  Let’s hope he’ll be back.  Yes, some of his solo stuff is pretty awful.  Yes, we wish he’d stop constantly doing that weird thumbs-up thing.  But when you’ve got the entire Beatles back catalogue to draw on, we can cope with a couple of minutes of The Frog Song

The Beach Boys

Nothing says summer like the Beach Boys.  Surfin’ USA, God Only Knows, Wouldn’t It Be Nice… any one of them can, if only briefly, make Manitoba feel like Malibu.  And if you’re in Vancouver on September 1st, they’ll be bringing the sunshine to the PNE Amphitheatre.

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden encapsulate everything that’s stupidly brilliant – and brilliantly stupid – about seventies and eighties heavy metal.  Even though metal will never be the same since Spinal Tap,  the fact is that after nearly 45 years, Iron Maiden still rock.  Their excellently-named “Legacy of the Beast” tour is coming to seven venues in Canada in August.

Mary J Blige and Nas

Neither are quite “Mick-Jagger-Old”, but finding out Mary J Blige and Nas were both almost 50 (and Nas’ debut album came out 25 years ago) made us feel pretty old ourselves.  It was only the news that they’re touring together this year that cheered us up.  Their one stop in Canada is Toronto in September.  We’ll see you there.

Rock on.