The Perfect Books For Your Summer Vacation

Once more unto the beach…

For a lot of us, between work, friends, binge-watching Game of Thrones and getting lost down Twitter rabbit holes, there’s little time left to read anymore. 

A summer vacation is often the only real chance to do so.  Which makes choosing the right book a high-stakes game. 

In case you need inspiration, here’s what we’ll be reading this summer, from meltdowns and moon landings to marijuana and memoirs.

Every Little Piece of Me, Amy Jones (Fiction)

Exploring what it’s like living in the glare of celebrity and reality TV, this wonderful novel isn’t just a sharp satire on our social-media-driven times and a warm exploration of friendship, it’s also as enjoyably addictive as any infinite-scrolling Instagram feed. 

Meltdown, Chris Clearfield and András Tilcsik (Business)

A book about failure may not sound particularly entertaining (other than out of pure Schadenfreude), but don’t be fooled.  Meltdown looks at how, in our increasingly complex world, small, unchallenged faults can turn into catastrophes.  It’s part business autopsy, part self-help guide to how to stop things going south.

We Have Always Been Here, Samra Habib (Memoir)

Subtitled ‘A Queer Muslim Memoir’, this is an incredibly moving look at self-discovery, culture and identity.  Habib came to Canada as a 10-year-old refugee, and married twice before realizing she was queer.  Here, she traces that journey, her experiences with queer and Pakistani culture and her changing relationship with her family.

Moonbound, Jonathan Fetter-Vorm (Science & Tech)

The Apollo 11 moon landing as graphic novel?  Yes please.  July 16 marks 50 years since man first landed on the moon, and Moonbound is a visually-stunning – and hugely informative – celebration of that era-defining moment.  And to think it was all done with the computing power of an iPhone…

High Time, ed. Andrew Potter and Daniel Weinstock (Politics & Society)

This collection of essays takes a deep dive into all aspects – political, economic and social – of cannabis’ legalization in Canada, and asks “Did we get it right?”  Even if it’s probably too soon to answer that for sure, each essay provides fascinating detail on the 50-year road to legalization; the drivers behind the policy, and the wider international context.

Try not to burn after reading…