Soundtrack Your Summer With These Spotify Playlists

Walking on sunshine

Whatever you’ve got planned this summer – roadtripping through the mountains, hitting the beach or just getting elevated in the sunshine – you’re going to want a great soundtrack to match.

But with over 3 billion playlists on Spotify alone, you could spend all summer just scrolling through them, without ever hearing a tune.  So we’ve done the hard work for you, and picked out the top five playlists for all occasions.  You’re welcome!

5. Summer Throwbacks

OK, so Spotify might have auto-created a personalized “Your Summer Rewind” playlist based on just your streaming history.  But if you want some retro summer classics to suit everyone’s tastes, check out this 50-strong selection of upbeat songs that really covers the bases – from Bob Marley to MMMBop, via Kanye, Kylie and KC and the Sunshine Band.

4.  Mellow Beats

In the mood to chill?  Then lay back, light up and relax with this collection of lo-fi beats and instrumental tracks.  As ever with Spotify, alongside some legends of the genre, expect plenty of artists you’ve never heard of (and may never again).  But either way, with 110 songs, it’ll keep you feeling chill till dawn.

3. Sing Your Heart Out

Whether it’s Wayne’s World, Almost Famous, or even Harold and Kumar holding on for one more day, the in-car singalong is a movie staple.  Spotify updates this playlist weekly, but we’ve been back time after time and it’s always full of true “roof down, arms up” tunes that you won’t be able to stop yourself joining in with.

2. Summer Party

The clue is in the name – 100 perfect songs for your summer cookout, poolside cocktails or party on the beach.  Kicking off with Childish Gambino’s Summertime Magic is a pretty clear statement of intent, and from there – as you pass through Lil Nas X, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake – there’s no let-up in the feel-good vibe. 

1. Summer of Zeff

You trust us to keep you updated on the latest in culture and travel, but do you trust us with control of the soundsystem?  Of course you do!  Here’s some of what we’ll be listening to this summer. We’re going heavy on the funk and electro-pop – and yes, there’s even a bit of Bieber.

Cue the pool party.