A man riding a bike in the summer

Planning To Pedal Through Summer? Here’s Your Go-To Gear

Because a yellow jersey only gets you so far

It’s summer.  The Tour de France is on.  What better time to get on your bike?

Remember, it doesn’t mean you have to be one of those cyclists.  You know the ones. The types that give all other cyclists a bad name – the MAMIL convoy, the red-light-flouting bike messengers, the guy on his mountain bike who hasn’t quite worked out the concept of a pedestrian sidewalk… 

No, you can just be you. But on wheels.  

All you need to do is dust off your old racer and hit up your local bike store for those few key essentials (as chosen by Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas) to stop cycling heaven becoming a freewheel to hell.

The short and short of it.

Thomas’ first pick?  Shorts.  If that feels lo-tech, think about it. The main contact point with your bike, and where there’s the most movement, is between the saddle and your butt.  So get a pair with decent padding for your backside and enough protection to guard against, well, ‘chafing’ (we really don’t need to explain, do we?)

Would you credit it?

After riding for hours, you ‘hit the wall.’ ‘Bonk.’  Whatever you want to call it.  Like an Oasis in the desert, you see a gas station.  You stumble in, grab a Snickers … and realize you don’t have a cent on you. 

The moral?  Get something to hold your credit card for your ride.  If things get really bad, you could even use it for a cab home…

Wearable flyscreens

Bikes don’t have windshields (who knew?!).  So there’s nothing between your eyes and a world of rain, dirt, flies and glare.  A pair of sports sunglasses will provide a much-needed barrier, and – let’s be honest – make you feel that little bit more like you belong in a Tour de France peleton…

Put a lid on it

“Buy a helmet.” A statement of the obvious?  Undoubtedly.  But we make no apologies for it.  It can literally be a matter of life or death.  Remember, this isn’t the place to try to save money or worry about “looking cool”, and make sure it’s well vented.  Otherwise your brain could soon feel like it’s being slow-roasted.

Now you’re the wheel deal.