A mother and daughter enjoying a phone free vacation

Ever Considered Not Taking Your Phone On Vacation?

It could be the making of your vacation.

“Leave my phone at home?  Are you mad?  What if there’s an emergency?  How will I take photos? Or check Snapchat?”

OK, so your phone often comes in handy when you’re away.  But the truth is that leaving it at home could actually take your holiday to a new level.

Don’t believe us…?

Really see the sights

For every second looking at your phone screen, you’re potentially missing something amazing happening around you.  You’ve just traveled thousands of miles to see the Taj Mahal – why look at it through a phone camera lens?

It’s good to talk

Whether it’s your travel partner, fellow backpackers in your hostel or friendly locals, if you can’t pass the time mindlessly scrolling through Twitter, the chances are you’ll end up speaking to people a lot more.  Which is a good thing.

Goodbye to photo tyranny

Spend 20 minutes trying for the perfect shot.  Add filters.  Upload to Instagram.  Check for likes.  Compare to Rachel’s amazing photos from Hawai’i.  Repeat.

Sound familiar? Why not forget about your Insta-self and just be present in the moment.  You’ll appreciate the sights so much more and the memories will last forever.

Discover the joy of getting lost

Sure, Google maps is pretty useful in an unfamiliar foreign city. 

But you’re on vacation, time is on your side. And taking a less direct route from A to B – or even getting a bit lost – can actually be strangely fun and liberating.  If nothing else, you’ll likely see all sorts of one-of-a-kind sights others miss.

Stay Safe

No phone means one less thing to lose or for pickpockets to target. And if you give someone your hotel details before you leave, you can sleep easy knowing you’re still contactable if there’s a genuine emergency back home.

Your colleagues can cope

If work colleagues know you’re phoneless, they won’t be tempted by the ‘easy out’ of sending you a quick message, and have to deal with problems themselves.  And guess what – 99 times out of 100, they manage just fine.

Sleep better, relax more:  

We all know blue phone light interrupts our sleep.  Even worse are the middle-of-the-night work emails or WhatsApp messages from the folks back home who are still on daytime hours. Ditching the phone will help you sleep better, setting you up for the next day’s sightseeing and – eventually – that first day back to work.

Taking back control of your smartphone use can leave you healthier and happier.

 You can do it – leave it behind.