In CBD We Trust: A Wellness Friend For Life

Cannabis’ well-being potential spans the generations.

CBD oils, anxiety, menopause. Go back a few years, and you’d probably be hard-pressed to find a woman on mainstream daytime TV talking about any one of those things, let alone all three.

So when a British friend told us they’d heard Andrea Mclean, a host on the popular UK talk show Loose Women, speaking passionately about her use of CBD oil to relieve anxiety and menopause-related symptoms, it was, if nothing else, a welcome sign of how far we’ve come in our willingness to discuss all those issues – mental health, reproductive health and the wellness benefits of cannabis – more openly.

But it also reminded us that cannabis legalization won’t just be a good thing for young Canadian women today – it‘s something that could benefit them for a lifetime. 

We’ve talked before about the current ‘anxiety epidemic’, and about the people who’ve found cannabis products to provide some much-needed respite from feelings of anxiety, stress or depression. And particularly women, who have 60% higher risk of suffering from anxiety than men.

For many of those women, these conditions may first arise in their 20s and 30s, but they’re something that they have to manage for the rest of their lives. 

And as we all get older, we’ll each face a mass of new health challenges, including, for women, the significant changes brought on by menopause.

As our new favourite British TV host told us though, there’s increasing evidence to suggest cannabis could well help those symptoms too.  

You see, scientists believe menopause disrupts the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for functions like regulating mood, supporting immunity, alleviating pain, regulating temperature, and controlling fertility.  And as keen readers will know (and simplifying the science a bit) it’s the receptors in the endocannabinoid system that CBD also reacts with.  

All of which means that – while scientific studies remain rare – cannabis could prove effective at alleviating some of the most common complications of menopause, including mood changes, osteoporosis and insomnia (none of which, of course, affect only those going through menopause)

Now if only it could stop us from aging in the first place…

CBD, your well-being BFF