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How To Win The Vacation Packing War

We’re here to hack your pack 🎒

Your cab to the airport arrives in five minutes.  And you’re sat on your suitcase desperately trying to get it to shut. 

We’ve all been there.  No matter how big a bag you buy, there never seems to be quite enough space.  

But there is another way…

Kon-do attitude

It’s easy to be sceptical of ‘decluttering gurus’ like Marie Kondo.  Often it feels like they’re peddling (lucrative) common sense. 

But to be fair, packing-wise, a lot what Marie says does scan.  Things like laying out your clothes before you start, filling hats, shoes or bras with underwear or socks, or the old favourite, rolling your clothes – they all work. 

Common sense, yes. But still ‘sense’.

Your better half

Layout everything you want to pack. 

Now halve it. 

You’ll be surprised how easy this is.  That extra shirt “just in case” you spill something on the others (you won’t, by the way)?  The spare sneakers because you’ll “definitely” work out every morning?  Ditch them all.

Swiss-Army Clothes

Multi-function clothes are your packing superheroes.  Those clever items that can become whatever you need them to be, like a fabric version of the genie in Aladdin.  For guys, a white t-shirt goes as well with board shorts as a blazer (though perhaps not at the same time) while, for us girls, a sarong can double as a beach towel, shawl, headscarf or even a tablecloth!

Avoid the crush

Here’s one of those ‘obvious-once-you-think-of-it’ tips.  With wheeled bags, pack heavy stuff near the wheels.  That way, when you’re wheeling it across Terminal 1, those weighty items won’t be squashing your delicate shoes or leak-prone toiletries.

Jewel relief

Taking jewellery on vacation can be a nightmare.  But search online and – among the 1001 useless ‘hacks’ – you’ll find some tips that really work.  Our own favourites are threading necklaces through paper straws to prevent tangling, attaching earrings in pairs to a spare button, and using old Tic-Tac boxes to store rings or bobby pins. 

“I never wear this at home, but might this vacation …”

No, no you won’t.  Leave it behind.

Next step, getting it below 20kg …