A young man jumping in the air for an extreme sport

Five Extreme Sports To Get Your Pulse Racing This Summer

Buckle up, Adrenaline Junkies.

When we googled “Extreme Sports Canada”, the first site that came up was essentially a list of sure-fire ways to get yourself hospitalized (or worse).  Base jumping, free climbing – even volcano surfing 😳

Now much as we hate the cold, we’d still like to survive to see the Fall.  So we kept googling and found five ways to get that adrenaline buzz while still standing a chance of coming out the other side alive.

Street Luge

The clue’s in the name: this is like regular luge, but on the streets.  You use your weight to steer the wheeled sled and – terrifyingly – your feet as brakes.  In principle, once you have a sled, all you need is a hill.  Unless you’re very familiar with local regulations, though, stay off public roads or you could find a cop waiting for you at the bottom! 

Fun fact: the world street luge speed record – a ridiculous 163.88 km/h – was set in Les Éboulements, Quebec.


Rockclimbing and tightrope walking too tame?  How about the two combined?  Highlining involves traversing a tightrope suspended high above ground. 

Even though you’ll be harnessed to the wire, this isn’t something for the faint-hearted. Particularly if, like us, you struggle to balance walking on the sidewalk, never mind a narrow cable.


Depending on your risk threshold, you might not consider Zorbing particularly ‘extreme’.  But it makes our list on the basis of requiring no real effort at all.  Just climb into the giant inflatable ball, and let gravity do its thing. 

Probably best to avoid a heavy meal beforehand, though!


We became slightly obsessed with parkour – in layman’s terms, “jumping over urban obstacles to get from A to B as quickly as possible” – after seeing Casino Royale years ago. And anyone can do it.  There’s no equipment needed – just you, your quad muscles and some jumpable gaps.  

Be careful, though – there’s probably as many compilations of painful parkour fails on YouTube as there are cat videos…


Not what your joints will do when you’re done, but rather a kind of extreme white-water kayaking.  Think of a regular white-water run, and add waterfalls, low-volume water, siphons, boulders and much more.   

Some of the best runs are right here in the Canadian Rockies, so distance is no excuse.  Even if self-preservation probably is …

Proceed with caution young Padawans…