One Summer. Five Essential Travel Apps

What to download before you set off

It was recently reported that the Canadian passport can now get you into 184 different countries worldwide.  But that’s worth nothing if you’ve no idea what to do when you get there, can’t understand the locals and packed all the wrong things. 

Luckily, there’s an app for that.  Or, rather, five apps. 

1. PackPoint (iOS/Android, Free)

Ever found yourself in 30-degree heat wondering how you managed to pack 15 sweaters, and one pair of shorts?  Then this app’s for you.  

Just tell it when and where you’re going, and for how long, and it’ll create a list of exactly what you need to pack and what weather to expect.  You can even get packing recommendations for specific activities.

2. ChefsFeed (iOS/Android, Free)

Yes, we know you can find food and drink recommendations on Google or Tripadvisor…

But who are you going to trust more: some of North America’s top chefs, sommeliers and bartenders, which is what you get on ChefsFeed, or “Jim1977” from Boise, Idaho? 


3. Google Translate (iOS/Android, Free)

Not an original choice, admittedly, but you might be surprised just how much this app can now do.  As well as downloading dictionaries for when you’re off-grid, you can also hear how to pronounce phrases and even get instant translations, just by pointing your phone’s camera at a piece of text.

4. Cairns (iOS, Android, Free)

If you’re heading for the great outdoors this summer, give Cairns a try.  It’s got over 4000 recommendations for hiking routes in Canada and the US, downloadable maps, and – for true internet-addicts – details of where you will and won’t have cellphone coverage.

5. Daily Water (iOS/Android, Free) 

When it’s hot and you’re on your feet all day, it’s even more important to stay properly hydrated.  And if you only wait until you feel thirsty, the chances are you’re dehydrated already.  This clever little app lets you set a daily target and alerts you when it’s time to top-up your fluids (Pro-tip: with all that water, it’s probably also worth downloading SitOrSquat –a searchable database of 100,000 public bathrooms, so wherever you are in the world, you won’t get caught short.)

‘Appy Days & Safe Travels.