Five For Ive: Apple Designs We’ll Always Love

We’d still like the headphone jack back though…

Last week, Jony Ive announced he was leaving Apple.  It’s sometimes hard to remember the world before the iPod or the iPhone, and Ive was the design-brains behind both.  

So, in his honour, here’s our favourite Apple designs of the past two decades.

iPod (2001)

The iPod wasn’t the first mp3 player, and it was only with 2004’s 4th gen version that sales really went stratospheric. 

But, boy, that scrollwheel… 

Incredibly simple but hugely practical, apparently obvious but completely unique, the scrollwheel epitomized Apple’s design philosophy.  And with a hard drive that could hold 1,000 songs (at the time an unbelievable amount) there was plenty of scrolling to be done.  It was the day the Discman died.

Imagine…1,000 songs in your pocket, with you wherever you want to go.

iPod Earbuds (2001)

In the early noughties, Apple’s white earphones were as much of a style statement as any designer handbag or watch.  So much so that you didn’t care if they gave you the occasional electric shock.  They even became the face of Apple’s commercials

White truly was the new black (with none of the messing around with Bluetooth you get nowadays).

iPhone (2007)

Even if you’re “Team Android”, chances are that, style-wise, your phone owes a pretty huge debt to the original iPhone.  

It’s easy to forget that when the iPhone landed, we were surviving mainly on a diet of clamshells and Blackberries.  Overnight, we realized not only what a phone should look like, but also that all those hours spent learning to text at lightspeed on a numeric keypad had been a total waste of time…

MacBook Air (2008)

Almost as hard as remembering a world without iPhones is remembering Starbucks without Macbook Airs.

Yes, they were hated for making a coffee last three hours and monopolizing all the best couches, but the coffee-shop freelancers had one thing we all wanted – a super-slim, stylish laptop, with that cool glowing Apple logo on the back.

Apple Watch (2015)  

We won’t lie.  We still think the plastic-strapped Apple Watch looks weird on anyone over the age of 8.  But with a decent strap, it’s another Apple classic.  Sleek and intuitive, it may still do for wearables what the iPod did for music players.

Now about that headphone jack…