Festival Bound? Pack This.

Think outside the boxed wine.

You’ve got your festival tickets, you’ve packed the tent, the bag-in-box rosé, and enough pre-rolls to get you through the weekend.  But what have you forgotten?  What will you wish you had on you when you wake up, unwashed in the middle of a giant campsite? 

Born out of painful experience, here’s our pick of six festival essentials that you’ll definitely want to squeeze into your backpack.

Rubber Boots

First, the basics.  Just because it’s summer, that doesn’t mean it won’t rain.  And it doesn’t take a monsoon to turn a campsite from beautiful grassland into knee-deep muddy swamp in minutes.  Yes, they’re a pain to carry, but play it safe and BYOB (Bring Your Own Boots).

Rehydrating Tablets

Whether it’s hot or not, combine standing in a crowd all day with even a little alcohol, and you’re going to get dehydrated (even before the hangover kicks in).  Dehydration is the most common cause of collapse at festivals – more than drink or drugs.  Nor is it just water you lose.  It’s all sorts of electrolytes and minerals too, and dissolvable rehydration tablets are one of the quickest, simplest ways to get them back.


Once night falls, the once-simple task of getting back to your tent turns into a guyline gauntlet just waiting to trip you up.  Try it without a flashlight and you might as well head directly for the first aid station instead.  We’d always go for a headlamp – it avoids wasting your phone battery and keeps your hands free for beer.

Portable Charger

Even if you don’t use it as a flashlight, chances are your phone battery won’t last the weekend.  And when you’re trying to find your friends among 100,000 people, you’ll want your phone.  So forget romantic dreams of a phone-free weekend, avoid the mile-long line at the charging station and bring a power bank.

Baby Wipes

Trust us, you’ll be glad you brought these.  Whether it’s to clean your hands, freshen up, or in those ‘emergency’ bathroom situations, antibacterial wipes are a pocket-sized saviour.  Go for the biodegradable ones, though, because we’ve got more than enough sewer fatbergs already.

Garbage Bags

It may be the end of the festival, but that’s no reason to leave the campsite looking like it’s the End of Days.  Bring a roll of garbage bags, pick up your empty cans and containers, recycle what you can and leave no trace.

Oh, and don’t forget your toothbrush