A young woman at Disney World

Is It OK To Go To Disney World On Vacation As An Adult?

It’s a question that needs answering.

Earlier this week, one of the Zeff team (who shall remain nameless) revealed that their 28-year-old sister was going with her partner to Disney World for their summer vacation.  

Some in the team were stunned, claiming that, unless you have kids, no-one that age should still be paying a small fortune to hang out with Minnie Mouse.  Others said that, given how messed-up the world seems right now, you can understand people wanting a bit of escapism.

So is Disney World an acceptable vacation spot for adults?  We got two of the team to argue the case.

Yes – Mary Kate

It’s not just OK to go to Disney World as an adult, it might just be the perfect time. 

For a start, you’ll appreciate it more. The size of the park (and of Goofy) isn’t as overwhelming as when you were seven.  You don’t have to worry being too short for the rides.  Even Epcot is now genuinely interesting, rather than just an unwelcome distraction from another ride on Space Mountain.

And if you were lucky enough to go as a child, going again as an adult makes for an incredible nostalgic experience – like visiting a childhood friend or flicking through an old photo album.

Put it this way: when you spend 50 weeks a year stuck inside an office or dealing with the mundanities of adult life, where better to go than Where Dreams Come True?

No – Derek

The world is an incredible place, full of historic sites and spectacular landscapes. 

So why choose instead to spend a week in the sweltering Florida heat surrounded by artificiality, rampant consumerism and swarms of sugar-addled 9-year-olds and their uber-stressed parents?

You see, once you’ve realized that that perma-smiling Mickey Mouse is just a miserable, overheated actor near-to-collapse inside a 50-pound costume, what’s left? 

Looking for an over-sized Buzz Lightyear? Try Amazon. 

Want a fun parade? That’s what Mardi Gras is for.

It’s roller coasters you’re after?  Then why not try the dozens of places with better rides and without a giant furry duck posing for selfies on every corner.

There’s a time and a place for Disney World.  But that time is childhood.  You’re old enough to vote, so you’re old enough to vote to go somewhere good on vacation.

So, who do you side with? Mary Kate or Derek? I for one am staying out of this 😅

Magic or Tragic Kingdom? You decide