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A mother and daughter enjoying a phone free vacation

Ever Considered Not Taking Your Phone On Vacation?

Planning your next vacation? Perhaps consider leaving your smartphone at home to be more present and reduce your stress levels

A young woman at Disney World

Is It OK To Go To Disney World On Vacation As An Adult?

We examine if taking a trip to Disney World is acceptable to do as a fully grown adult.

Zeff Life—It’s All Love

We are humans, on a lifelong journey of levelling up. We are a community of brothers and sisters, who want the most out of life. We are those who take action and create lasting change. …

A man riding a bike in the summer

Planning To Pedal Through Summer? Here’s Your Go-To Gear

Are you ready for some summer biking? Here is the essential gear that you will need.

A yurt mini-hotel in Canada

Everybody Yurts: So Stay Somewhere Different This Summer

Looking for a unique place to stay this summer? We’ve got you covered. Here are 5 amazing places you should stay in Canada this summer.

A young man jumping in the air for an extreme sport

Five Extreme Sports To Get Your Pulse Racing This Summer

Buckle up, Adrenaline Junkies. When we googled “Extreme Sports Canada”, the first site that came up was essentially a list of sure-fire ways to get yourself hospitalized (or worse).  Base jumping, free climbing – even …

One Summer. Five Essential Travel Apps

What to download before you set off It was recently reported that the Canadian passport can now get you into 184 different countries worldwide.  But that’s worth nothing if you’ve no idea what to do …

Five Of The Best Summer Outdoor Movie Screenings

Stars under the stars. When the weather’s great, it seems a waste to spend three hours indoors watching a movie. But epic blockbusters just aren’t as epic when shrunk down to the size of your …

Festival Bound? Pack This.

Think outside the boxed wine. You’ve got your festival tickets, you’ve packed the tent, the bag-in-box rosé, and enough pre-rolls to get you through the weekend.  But what have you forgotten?  What will you wish …

The Five Canadian Music Festivals You Don’t Want To Miss

It’s the soundtrack to your summer ☀️ It’s time to dig out the pop-up tent, cooler box and bucket hat – festival season is upon us.   But if you can’t decide where to go …

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