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A young man that is sick while traveling around the world.

Vacation ruined by illness?

Don’t waste your vacation. Here’s how to avoid getting sick when traveling.

A woman giving change back to charity

How Giving Back Keeps Giving Back

 “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” The phrase “it’s better to give than to receive” isn’t just something your parents invented to get the 8-year-old …

Zeff Life—It’s All Love

We are humans, on a lifelong journey of levelling up. We are a community of brothers and sisters, who want the most out of life. We are those who take action and create lasting change. …

A group of young people reading classic novels

Four Classic Books To Help Make Sense of A Modern World

Here are four classic books that you need to read today to understand the modern world.

A young man listening to a podcast on his iPhone

Sonic Brain Food: Five Mind-Expanding Podcasts For Your Vacation

Here are the 5 new podcasts to help you learn and grow.

A sign pointing home to Toronto on an island

How To Win The Vacation Packing War

Struggling to fit everything in your suitcase? Here are some hacks to reduce the size and weight of your suitcase.

The to-do list of someone struggling with procrastination

To-do list driving you to distraction?

Struggling with procrastination? Here are some proven techniques to help you out.

A women who is trying to reduce the amount of plastic waste

How To Cut Back Your Plastic Use

Here are 5 ways that you can personally decrease the amount of plastic you use on a daily basis.

Dry July: The Benefits Of A Booze-Free Month

Ditch alcohol for a month and experience these benefits this summer!

Overdone It Again On Canada Day?

Waking up on July 2nd feeling a little rough? We have you covered. Here’s the top cures for a Canada-day hangover.

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