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A person examining a brain that is addicted to smartphones

The tell-tale signs of smartphone ‘addiction’

Is this you? It’d be wrong to try to equate most smartphone overuse with, say, gambling addiction.  But there’s no doubt that both can have real health effects and – at least as far as …

The photographer of the "Humans of New York" project

Famous Career Changes To Inspire Your Next Move

Struggling to visualize your next big career change. We have collected some of the most famous transitions to give you some ideas and hope.

A man with a difficult job stands in a lab.

Four Signs That It’s Time To Change Careers

There are four crucial signs that everyone should look out for when deciding if they should change their career.

Two people smelling and sipping wine in front of a sun set

This Is How To Taste Wine Like A Pro

Ready for a dinner party with wine? Learn the basics of wine tasting with this quick article.

A man working on new skills for a career change

How To Get Experience Without Experience

Are you tired of not having enough experience? Here’s how you can get experience without having any prior.

A mother and daughter enjoying a phone free vacation

Ever Considered Not Taking Your Phone On Vacation?

Planning your next vacation? Perhaps consider leaving your smartphone at home to be more present and reduce your stress levels

A collection of simple, dumb, smartphones

Dumb Phone, Smart Answer?

Could a simplified cell phone be the answer to your smartphone stress?

A person crosses out Facebook on their smartphone

C-app-e Diem: It’s Time To Re-take Control Of Your Tech Use

Are you struggling disconnecting from your tech? This guide will show you WHY and teach you how to free yourself from your smartphone.

A woman who is considering a career change

Could Ikigai Help You Find Job Perfection?

Are you considering a new job, or maybe even a new career? The Ikigai method could help with your decision.

A videographer on set

Hitting Refresh: Your Guide To Changing Career

This is a full guide for those who are looking to make a career change. Read on to learn the best steps to take today.

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