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A person examining a brain that is addicted to smartphones

The tell-tale signs of smartphone ‘addiction’

Is this you? It’d be wrong to try to equate most smartphone overuse with, say, gambling addiction.  But there’s no doubt that both can have real health effects and – at least as far as …

Two people smelling and sipping wine in front of a sun set

This Is How To Taste Wine Like A Pro

Ready for a dinner party with wine? Learn the basics of wine tasting with this quick article.

A videographer on set

Hitting Refresh: Your Guide To Changing Career

This is a full guide for those who are looking to make a career change. Read on to learn the best steps to take today.

A young man that is sick while traveling around the world.

Vacation ruined by illness?

Don’t waste your vacation. Here’s how to avoid getting sick when traveling.

A man riding a bike in the summer

Planning To Pedal Through Summer? Here’s Your Go-To Gear

Are you ready for some summer biking? Here is the essential gear that you will need.

wall-e, the robot from a famous space movie

Astronauts On Film: The Great And The (Not So) Good

Giant leaps and small steps. At Zeff Towers, we’ll be honouring this week’s anniversary of the moon landings with an Astronaut Movie Triple-Bill.  We’re avoiding the more-obvious 2001/Aliens/Apollo 13 options, and we’re not claiming these …

Tech Neck: Why Your Phone’s a Pain in the Neck

How to combat the physical pain caused by your phone.

Canada’s Finest: Our Top Five Keanu Reeves Movies

“Choice, the problem is choice.” There’s a lot of possible reasons why Keanu Reeves was trending on Twitter last week.  It could be him owning Toy Story 4 as Duke Caboom (“Canada’s Greatest Stuntman”).  It …

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