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A millennial dealing with stress by surfing

How Are Millennials Coping With Burnout?

Do you struggle with burnout? Do you work too much? Here’s how you can deal with it.

A young woman at Disney World

Is It OK To Go To Disney World On Vacation As An Adult?

We examine if taking a trip to Disney World is acceptable to do as a fully grown adult.

A group of young people reading classic novels

Four Classic Books To Help Make Sense of A Modern World

Here are four classic books that you need to read today to understand the modern world.

A young man listening to a podcast on his iPhone

Sonic Brain Food: Five Mind-Expanding Podcasts For Your Vacation

Here are the 5 new podcasts to help you learn and grow.

The to-do list of someone struggling with procrastination

To-do list driving you to distraction?

Struggling with procrastination? Here are some proven techniques to help you out.

A women who is trying to reduce the amount of plastic waste

How To Cut Back Your Plastic Use

Here are 5 ways that you can personally decrease the amount of plastic you use on a daily basis.

Dry July: The Benefits Of A Booze-Free Month

Ditch alcohol for a month and experience these benefits this summer!

The Perfect Books For Your Summer Vacation

Looking for a book to take on vacation or to bring to the beach? Here’s 5 pieces of literature you won’t want to leave behind.

One Summer. Five Essential Travel Apps

What to download before you set off It was recently reported that the Canadian passport can now get you into 184 different countries worldwide.  But that’s worth nothing if you’ve no idea what to do …

Under The Influence: The Voter Turnout Effort Gets Its Fingers Burnt

Doing the right thing, the wrong way. We’ve heard a lot recently about mysterious influence over elections, but we saw a very ‘millennial’ twist on that last week.  For Putin, read (Max) Parrot.   Earlier this …


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