Are You On Board With 2019’s Food Trends?

Gone Pegan Yet?

In the many ‘Hot New Food Trends for 2019’ lists that appeared at the start of the year, cannabis edibles were invariably there in the top spot.  Sadly, until the law changes, we’re going to have to wait for prediction to come true.  But it got us thinking – what else did the food writers think we’d be bingeing on this year?  

And were they right?  You be the judge…


What do you get if you cross the Paleo diet (no dairy, grains, soy, legumes, or processed sugar) with veganism? 

Yes, this year, we’re all supposed to go pegan

Oddly, it seems that pegans still eat meat (which does seem to rather undermine the vegan part) but try to make at least 75% of their diet plant-based.  Which we’re pretty sure was what they used to just call ‘getting your five a day’…

Plant-based Foods

What peganism does seem to have tapped into is the clear trend for plant-based foods. It seems that the stories of the potential damage meat and its mass-production can do to both our health and the environment are hitting home, and more and more Canadians are turning their side of vegetables into the star of the show.

The data proves it – according to Chefhero, Google searches for “cauliflower pizza” more than doubled in Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario in the past year.


In their annual ‘Flavor & Trend Forecast’, marketing agency THP predicted that mushrooms would be the big superfood trend for 2019 – the new kale, if you will. 

And you can see why.  They have immune-boosting health benefits.  They’re readily available and environmentally friendly.  And they’re the closest thing to meat for those embracing veganism. 

Exactly the sorts of things to make a food trend –  well – ‘mushroom’.

Marine Cuisine

Still eating seaweed snacks?  How very 2018…

That’s right, according to Whole Foods, 2019 is the year to get more creative with your sea greens.  So out go crispy seaweed snacks, and in come puffed water lily seeds, kelp jerkies and fish-free, algae-based tuna alternatives.

You might never look at plankton the same way again…


It seems that in 2019, we’re all demanding to know what’s in our food, where it comes from, and precisely how it got from farm to plate. Cue the food-fueled spin-off of How It’s Made.

Indeed, if THP are to be believed, some chefs may be taking customers’ calls for transparency to rather literal extremes, and starting a trend for see-through versions of foods like ravioli, pumpkin pie, and even potato chips.

Now that’s a trend we don’t expect to see…

Bon Appetit!